Community Planning


The KOFN will be conducting starting September 2010, a Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) process.  The CCP is a planning process that allows a community to plan its development (both present and future) in a way that meets its needs and aspirations. It’s a process that is ongoing and one that addresses all aspects of community life, including governance, culture, health, land use, environment, economic and social development and physical infrastructure.

Comprehensive community planning recognizes that all these areas of community are inter-related and dependent on each other. By taking a comprehensive approach that coordinates and integrates all these areas, the community can develop a common shared vision that is focussed and ensures an effective use of resources. May be that’s the reason some even term it as a holistic process.

Following the path Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation has a strong vision and interest to see the sustainable economy for present and future generations and this would be an effort toward building the foundation for all the future programs and projects.